Quality information, accessible to all, always. But also tools that are easy to use and available to every single people to refine more and more their process of use of news on the Net. This project has one final goal: to improve the critical spirit, a fundamental and indispensable part of that individual process that allows us to be active and responsible citizens. These are the premises that have approached the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori and one of the global information giants: Google, a company founded in the late 90’ as a search engine, which today has become synonymous with every aspect of the digitalisation of information and knowledge. It is through searches on the Google and Google News engines that web-surfers often receive news and information.

The need to educate users to implement their critical spirit and to verify data and facts becomes an essential objective, for the Osservatorio and for the Silicon Valley giant.

Analyzing sources and trusting journalistic brands are basic fact-checking tools. But above all, innovative digital formats in the field of education, to introduce in schools the principle of individual responsibility - even before collective - to fight against "fake news", and all forms of bad information. A year ago the first experimental nucleus of the joint project of the Osservatorio and Google was born: for the first time the Osservatorio and Google together arrived in the Italian classrooms.

The Experimental edition’s results of the Initiative were more than encouraging: 83% of the students involved, in the Research, conducted by the Independent Institute GFK Italy, that the project helped to improve their critical approach to online information, 88% of teachers said they liked the project and 97% of them believe that the activity has improved the critical sensitivity of the participating students, but above all, 71% of the students said that thanks to the project they feel they are now more able to identify false news and more eager to pay attention to the details of a news item and its source.

This is a project that travels on the virtual roads of the Net - relying on tools already perfected over the years during the support activities at  the "Quality Information in the Classroom". A new way that opens, therefore, starting from a simple but fundamental concept: in the new digital information society we are no longer simply users, but also sources of the information circulating on the Internet. We can create, relaunch, share. And it is precisely by virtue of this dual role that it becomes essential to know how to use an indispensable ally in the right way: the search engine, a key tool for analyzing and evaluating the truth (or likelihood) of a news item.